Prince- does”Creep”at Coachella 2008

Prince gives the Coachella 2008 audience a treat and does a special cover of Creep, by Radiohead.  He definitely makes this version his own and like great cover songs, it isn’t simply him singing/playing the original, it is beautiful in a new, artistic way.

One of the most beautiful “covers” ever!  It stands on its own as a masterpiece!

I shared this with a friend and after listening to it, he said, “I have heard many musicians cover that song, but none did it that well.”

Prince didn’t cover a song, he possessed it. He took over its limbs and made it do things it had never done before—dance wildly down the aisles, scream, shout, and fall to the ground. When he covered a song, it got religion the way people only do in the movies.