Kim Jong Un Missing?

Looking for Kim Jong Un
Looking for their leader?

Is Kim Jong Un laying low due to an injury, or has he possibly been overthrown?  Has there been a coup in North Korea and those who are now in charge are keeping it secret to maintain political stability?

Kim Jong Un is the thrid in the line of succession to lead the reclusive, communist state.  His father, Kim Jong Il, took overl when revolutionary leader, Kim Il-sung died in 1994.  Kim Jong Il ruled until his death in 2011, whereupon his third son, Kim Jong Un gained control and became the new leader.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un absent at major event, but there are indicators he’s still in charge: Seattle Times

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Kim Jong Un loojking at a sock
Kim Jong Un loojking at a sock

Interesting website of Kim Jong Un “looking at things”: http://kimjongunloo

Looking at a snack!
Looking at a snack!


North Korea

Kim Jong Un, Ri Yong Ho, Kim Yong Chun

Weird, fascinating and tragic for those living under the oppressive regime.

Here is an interesting link:

and this one (his dad, who died last year):

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Kim Jong Il Looking

Looking at sausages!

Kim Jong Il recently passed away, but lives on forever!  Check out this link, and find many pictures of the Great Leader looking at various things!


Looking at corn?