Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Sounds Like Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” and “Dancing Tony” Hodgkinson

After the song became an enormous hit, many others pointed out that the main riff did indeed sound like Boston’s “More Than a Feeling,” even though they’re in different keys. They probably weren’t similar enough for Boston’s Tom Scholz to file any sort of legal action, but he said he didn’t mind at all.

“I take it as a major compliment,” he said in 1994, “even if it was completely accidental.”

The group made fun of the whole thing in the summer of 1992 when they played the Reading Festival in England. After the opening bars of the song, Kirst Novoselic and Dave Grohl sang the chorus of “More Than a Feeling” while Bivouac drummer Antony “Dancing Tony” Hodgkinson danced around wildly. After about 18 goofy seconds, Novoselic launches into the “I see Marianne walk away” part, but Kurt interrupts him by beginning the song for real. It’s a great moment…

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Dancing Tony?

But maybe you wondered about the dancer after reading the excerpt above and if you watched the video, you noticed the dancer for sure.  Who was he?  What was the story on THAT dude?  It was Bivouac drummer Antony “Dancing Tony” Hodgkinson.  Read an interview below, he has fascinating comments on a show at Leeds University, giving readers a glimpse of the attitudes, the crowds and the overall scene at that time.

“I think it was a Leeds University show we did. It was a Nirvana, L7, and Victims Family show. It was quite a hairy show, really. Quite violent. It was just a stream of stage-divers – just a queue – really people trying to punch you out and whatever. I don’t know. You used to get a bit of a weird reaction, but that’s their fucking problem at the end of the day and not mine. So I did that and they were into it, so I did it again. And they used to just call me up when they were in the UK. It was just being at the right place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time, you know? Did you ever see them live?” 

From “An Interview With Antony Hodgkinson, The Guy Who Danced Onstage With Nirvana”: