Are Thoroughbreds Too Fragile? (from inbreeding)

Jockey Chris Antley is emotional as he tries to save Charismatic from further damage.
Jockey Chris Antley helps injured Charismatic from further damage after the 1999 Belmont Stakes

Our Race Horses Are Broken, America HERE

Article on inbreeding Kentucky Derby Horses:  HERE   One of the most extreme—and successful—cases of this type of inbreeding took place in France in 1946, when Coronation was foaled. Celebrated French breeder and iconoclast Marcel Boussac planned Coronation’s pedigree by breeding the Tourbillon mare Esmeralda to the Tourbilllon sire Djebel, which resulted in Coronation being inbred 2×2 to Tourbillon. The filly won the French Guineas and Arc among other races. Pedigree chart for Coronation: HERE

MS Triple Sec:

Winlocs Millie:


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