George Brett Story

George Brett Shits Pants- This is a true classic.  I like the look on the players faces as they listen to him tell the story.  At the end of his story, he shifts gears and gets right back into the game, ha:

Gary Player says “Arnold Pooped On Green” in Japan-  I think there is a little “lost in translation” here with Player’s South African English seeming to label farting as pooping.  Gary Player is a classy guy and iron tough, even at his age:


Man Wrestles Elephant!

This guy is tough!  He had no takers, so he had to switch species and take on an elephant!

This first link, from, has volume and the commentary is good!

Fox News Bubble Bursting?

“It’s a sad commentary on the state of American media when the battle for news dominance is between a right-wing propaganda outlet and a comedy channel.”

Don’t let your dog eat your toes!!

Don't do it! (This is not the actual toe-eating canine)

This guy woke up and realized his dog had eaten some of his toes!

“A diabetic Oregon man with no feeling in his feet woke up to find his dog had eaten part of his right foot, including three toes.”

Guy flips and hangs off chair lift and his trousers fall off

I know this is all over the blogs, but it is worth posting.   Poor guy.  I lost my shorts in a canoe capsize situation, and it wasn’t fun.  No blogs back then.  I give my buddy Donny Ray full credit for this one!