Health Care

A colleague shared her experience with her daughter and the health care situation.  It was via email and articulate and touching.  I told her that what she explained in that email sums it all up concerning pre-existing conditions, loss of health care, inadequate health coverage, etc….  I told her they should invite her to congress and share her experience.  There a millions of stories just as dramatic, many of them tragic. How do those who are so against a new plan but yet with no plan of their own, able to be OK with the current situation?  Aren’t the obligated to help those who they represent from misery and suffering?  Is it that they believe in economic “tough love” much like Hoover?  The sad thing is, those who should feel shame,  just feel greed, envy and hatred instead.  Why isn’t taking care of our people the top priority of our government?  In the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, we spent and are still spending billions.

If I  had no health care plan, our son wouldn’t be talking.  He needed expensive tests at Children’s Hospital and we were able to suppress his seizures, which allowed him to learn how to communicate.  I always think of unemployed or any other example of uninsured or under-insured kids, families or individuals and it breaks my heart.  I really hope we are able to keep stepping forward on this and not step back.

The crazy thing is that a national plan would be way LESS expensive, saving us millions at a time when almost all of those against “Obamacare” are complaining about spending and reducing the debt.  (I won’t bring up the fact that many these same people didn’t care about the debt at all when times were good)  We have social medicine right now.  When those without insurance require medical attention, they go to emergency rooms, filling up the rooms, and that cost is absorbed in many ways by the public.  What a terrible situation.

I also think all kids should get free lunch at school, but that’s another story…….


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