Health Care

As the paranoid try to ruin town hall meetings, many at the urging of right-wing radio and TV hosts, our chances at improving health care in the US are crumbling.   Citizens have the right to speak out, and peacefully demonstrate.  When they purposely interupt and obstruct conversation, is that the “right” thing to do?   A town hall meeting last night in Virginia, televised live on C-SPAN, was embarrassing to watch.  It was held in a high school gymnasium, but the behavior of the adults would have been unacceptable for any student body.  Check out the link below;

France has a good health care system, and the per capita cost is about half of that in the US.

What I don’t hear from the meeting-wreckers and those who wear tea-bags, are ideas.  Where were these people the last eight years, as republicans let the deficit and overall debt spin out of control?  How do we insure or even give primary and/or preventative care to the 40+ million uninsured?  The irony is that a national system would probably benefit most of these irate people and it would most likely save money in the long run.  But then what would Rush do?


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