Virtual Doctor

As more and more of our lives migrate to the cyber-world, visits to doctors may also go online.  Virtual clinics, online house calls and other various websites mmay really change the future of health care;


4 thoughts on “Virtual Doctor”

  1. You must remember:Not every doc graduates at the head of the class.If your doctor hands you a prescription which you can’t,think “who else won’t be able to read it either. In the meantime visit:

  2. Hello, im new to this site and does anyone know how i can ask a doctor a question? Or have i got the complete end of the straw?

  3. Hi Lolly,

    You can go try looking fr live chat with a doc online. Some websites provide it.

    You can ask your question online on a live chat, or even call them up…whichever u prefer. Extremely convenient n the docs are good.

    Hope this helps!

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