Remembering those we lost in 2008

One of my favorite shows on television is CBS Sunday Morning.  It usually airs 7:30-9:00 AM.   This week there was a section devoted to some of the great minds, talent, entertainers, and people who made a difference in the world.  I always think about those we lost who were not necessarily famous, but who had a huge impact on other lives, and the segment even addressed the fact that there wasn’t time to do justice to and mention the many lives that ended in 2008.  Paul Newman (One of the true greats ever and a noble human), George Carlin, Michael Crichton, Betty Page, Steve Fosset, Issac Hayes, Tim Russert, Bo Diddly, Jim McKay (whose Munich Olympiad tragic news of the lives lost, still gives me goose bumps and makes me emotional every time I hear it-Rent the documentary “One Day in September” if you haven’t seen it), J.R. Simplot (self-made Idaho potato billionaire), Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Beatles guru), Bobby Fisher, Sir Edmund Hillary.  Just to name a few!

Watch the show some Sunday, you will be impressed!

2008 Year in Review Photos;

2008 Timeline of Events;


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