Digital Books

Newspapers are probably on the way out, at least as home delivered, paper, etc..  It looks like they are finally,and maybe reluctantly,  moving to the web;

Now books may be heading down the same road;


2 thoughts on “Digital Books”

  1. Well, they’ve been on the way out for quite some time now.

    I haven’t read a “paper” newspaper in quite a while now. Most of my info comes from the web. And most publishers these days put up their content online anyway.

    I’m not so sure if this thing will sell though. I mean, it looks like a toned down PDA. Wouldn’t a laptop get the same job done, but with more features?

    I think subscriptions or something for existing mobile devices makes more sense.

  2. Something about the “feel” and the “smell” of newpapers and books. I also think it is a sad move for kids. When papers are laying around, children and young adults may be inclined to pick up a paper and read part of it, maybe just the sports sections, or horoscopes at first, but eventually they may scan the front section and learn about world events. If online was the only portal into the news, they may not ever make it there.

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